Neo-con split on Egypt

Anti-Egyptian protesters – “Double down on Mubarak” Thaddeus McCotter (R-Mi), Beck, Hannity, Aaron Klein, Mark Levin, Neil Cavuto, Vice President Joe Biden, John Bolton, and Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

Pro-Egyptian protesters- Bill Kristol, Danielle Pletka, Shep Smith, Elliot Abrams, John McCain, John Kerry, President Barack Obama, Hilary Clinton, and George Soros.

Silence-  Richard Lugar, “paleoconservative” Chronicles Magazine.

Defund Egypt- Ron Paul, Rand Paul and Danielle Pletka.

For the first time, “Fox News” is not uniformly bland on foreign policy. Bill Kristol ripping into Glenn Beck as a neo-“John Bircher” was an interesting surprise.

The most interesting voices on Egypt are John Bolton and Danielle Pletka. The were both very wrong on Iraq, but have learned some lessons.  I never would have thought father and son Paul and Danielle Pletka would agree on anything! Insane McCain first wanted war for the Republic of Georgia against Russia and now is dictating to Mubarak to step aside. Who is he? Who should lead Egypt? Leave it to the Egyptians and resist the imperial impulse.

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