Rights of God, Rights of Man

Egyptians have tried nationalism, socialism, capitalism, being a Soviet puppet, being an American puppet. Egypt has received over 40 Billion dollars in foreign aid from the US since 1979. The Muslim Brotherhood, clearly a terrorist organization in the 1950s’, has not been on the US State Dept terrorist list for decades. Religious elements clearly must be part of a governing coalition, but they should be peaceful elements that respect the Coptic Orthodox and Coptic Catholic minorities that may be half the population near Alexandria, Egypt. Turkey has the Justice and Development Party that is Islamist, Pro-American and a key member of NATO. The secularist E.U. is crusading for a secular Levant in its own image. Egypt is not Iran and to make comparisons is alarmist and inaccurate. Wikileaks documents show the US State Dept is pushing US style multiculturalism globally. A more humble foreign policy would be less likely to incur unwanted “blowback.”


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Modern Middle East sedevacantism
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One Response to Rights of God, Rights of Man

  1. whiteylawful says:

    The neoconservative program of globalization didn’t place Orthodox Christians in the Mid-east and the New World Order was actually detrimental to the Assyrians in Iraq. Since nation-building democracy along what the U.S. military and others thought was merely a Mohammedan religious difference and some ethnic concerns–the Assyrians were disenfranchised. Also combined with peculiar criminal–terroist groups and individuals lack of adherence to Sharia–of wich brought about the murdering and further persecution of Assyrians.

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