Telegraphed move; Omar Suleiman

The British “Daily Telegraph” and “Al Jazeera English” have reported on the Wikileaks document that shows Omar Suleiman is Israel’s choice for next leader of Egypt. I am sure he is thrilled with the endorsement, lol. Mohammed el Baradai who has ties to George Soros according to investigative journalist Aaron Klein, has been floated as a transitional leader by NBC News, CNN and others. No more color-coded CIA revolutions please. The one in the Republic of Georgia almost caused World War III with the Russians.

The stereotype of Al Jazeera is far off the mark, at least the English version. A network that features vulgar potty-mouthed Slovenian atheist “philosopher” Slavoj Zizek is hardly a front for global Wahhabism. He makes Christopher Hitchens seem positively polite.

Has it donned on Glenn Beck when he reads quotes from the Quran that reading the Book of Leviticus in public could be a thought crime in Canada and the E.U. and violate hate speech codes? When people say Western Civilization is threatened, do they mean the one of the secularized French Revolution of 1792 or an earlier Christian age? Zizek’s remark that even Ratzinger is a “lapsed Catholic” would be illustrated by the scheduled Assisi III, like his earlier trip to the Blue Mosque in Turkey to pray towards Mecca.


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