May 26 Alexander Kerensky/ Bani Sadr stage

Those who start revolutions are never the ones to finish them. The Shin Bet, Mossad and CIA were hoping “Mr. Rendition,” Omar Suleiman takes over. The most likely outcome is a military junta, with strong American support. Generations of Egyptian officers have been trained in the US and they are not penetrated with Islamists like the Pakistani army.

Students, Trotskyites, trade unionists, feminists, Soros NGO puppets like Mohammed El Baradai and the Copts are not going to end up on top of the dogpile. The Islamists are not armed like the Pro-American Egyptian military.  The only chance for the Islamists is the ballot box in September, where they can hope to follow the Sunni Hamas or Shia’ Hezbollah playbook. I am sure the US will influence elections in Egypt like they did in Italy in 1945, when the Communists were blocked by funneling American dollars in political advertising. September is enough time to create a political party that is congruent with American interests. The only reason the terrorist group Hamas was able to win elections in  the Gaza Strip was because the only alternative of  the Palestinian Authority of Mahmoud Abbas is thoroughly corrupt and a known Israeli collaborator and puppet organization.

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