Are college student protests good or bad?

So the college student protests are good in Iran, but are bad in Bahrain, as were the Anti-G20 protests in Pittsburgh in 2009? RT had the best footage of Pittsburgh, September, 2009 on youtube. The Pittsburgh stormtroopers held the streets with tear gas and noise machines against what was labeled “an illegal assembly”, unlike their counterparts in Cairo, who were easily bum rushed by overwhelming numbers.

The Iranian regime is coming unhinged with the hanging of a Dutch-Iranian woman and calls in the Iranian parliament for the execution of  opposition leader Hossein Mousavi. Hopefully for Mousavi’s sake, he is not another George Soros/so-called “Open Society” puppet.

The National Guard has been called out against public employee unions by Governor Walker in Wisconsin.  Even Fox News found his actions to be extreme.

I don’t believe reports that Hosni Mubarak had a stroke in Israel. Sharm el Sheikh in the Sinai Peninsula is his most likely location. Swiss banks froze his stolen billions. lol. Former President George W Bush had to cancel going to Davos, Switzerland out of concern for Spanish prosecution for war crimes.




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