The Arab 1848; Daffy Khadafy in Banghazi

Muammar Khadafy has been able to pour some money into Tripoli thanks to offshore BP oil, but has ignored the Banghazi region. His use of mercenaries armed to the teeth from Chad, who speak French, not Arabic, against women and children will not sit well with the Arab street. It may prove to be his ” Nicolae Caucescu/Romania 1989″ decision if the Libyan army backs the Libyan people.

For some unknown reason, the NYT choose not to identify where the mercenaries are from, unlike the British Daily Telegraph. Is this the Arab 1848, a year of more than a dozen attempted revolutions in Europe? If BP loses in Libya after the so-called ” Lockerbie deal” that got BP in Libya, it couldn’t happen to a nicer company.

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