That’s All Folks, Daffy Khaddafi?

Some Libyan jets have landed in Malta while others are attacking protesters in Tripoli. British Foreign Minister William Hague says Khaddafi may be on his way to Venezuela. (Just in time for baseball spring training, lol.) Wow, Syria wouldn’t take him. Bengazi is liberated after the use of mercenaries from North Korea and Chad against them. Khaddafi supported IRA semtex bombings and Tony Blair had a reconciliation with him, for BP oil rights in Libya. The Daily Telegraph reports the US has chided the UK for forgetting about the Lockerbie Pan AM 103, which was traced backed to Libyan intelligence.

Khaddafi’s son blamed Canada on state television. lol. Sound like Michael Moore’s film “Canadian Bacon.”lol. Khaddafi had earlier issued a “fatwah” against Switzerland. I wonder if he makes his own dresses. lol.


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