World Federalism, Orwellian “Open” Society

I can recall graduate school in the early 1990’s at Rutgers, the graduate program was overseen by two members of the World Federalist Society. It was an epoch before the E.U. and the Euro.

The quaint Islamic ban on usury is a troublesome anachronism for the global banksters. Libya is the first oil- producing Arab “domino” to fall. British intelligence was wrong on Kaddafi going to Hugo Chavez’ Venezuela.

Western media is already tossing out names for would be leader of Libya. George Soros is predicted the Islamic Republic in Iran will fall before the end of the year on Fareed Zakaria GPS on CNN. I doubt it.
The tongue lashing King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia gave to President Barack Obama was short-sighted. Glove puppets should be respectful to their puppet masters.
Russian President Medvedev has pointed out the role of Google in Arab instability. Macedonian media produced a narrative on the ties between Google and the U.S. National Security Agency.

Let the Vendee region be the Vendee region. Banal globilization without Logos is anathema.
Where was the constitutional first amendment right to assembly in Pittsburgh, September 2009, which was declared an “illegal” assembly against mostly students from elite colleges?


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