What Glenn Beck gets wrong

1. The problem with the Catholic Church is not “social justice” distributism. The problem is a hijacking called Vatican II, financed by the enemies of the church.

2 Calling Canadian born Father Charles E. Caughlin a Nazi supporter. Father Caughlin condemned “Nazi plunderbunds” on his radio show.

3. Putting Van Jones at the top of some global pyramid.

4. Interpreting the Book of the Apocalypse from the LDS point of view.

5. Seeing American unions as powerful as the French CGT.

6. Seeing the secular State of Israel as the Biblical State of Israel.

7. Seeing the Young Communist League as a major player in Wisconsin.

8. Confusing the 12th Iman with the Great Mahdi.

9. Believing George Soros is more powerful than Rupert Murdoch.

10. Ticking off Bill Kristol who wants to purge him.

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Modern Middle East sedevacantism
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