Youth gone wild, youth gone mild

Arab youth have done what older generations have only dreamed. But one should remember, revolutions usually begin with enthusiasm and end with tears. How many have read Edmund Burke’s opus “Reflections on the Revolution in France?”

What about the American fatherland? Justin Beiber (What’s with the hair,kid?) Miley Virus (Courtesy of a Mickey Mouse channel) More youth listen to pornographic Lady Gaga on ipods than attend the Latin Mass. To borrow a Vladimir Leninist phrase “What is to be done?” Exorcist Bishop McKenna requires all children in his school in Monroe, Ct. to have no television in the home. The same is true of many Orthodox Jewish families seeking shelter from the unrelenting “Kulturkampf” (German for “culture wars”) Popular culture is a radioactive waste dump, sort of like Euro-Disney. There are some good things on TV like “Democracy Now” or “Jeopardy”, but most is designed to put minds asleep or worse, to enculturate them with the latest fad on the wrong side of the Kulturkampf.

Some youth sense their glorious birthright of Western civilization has been stolen and replaced with cold porridge from the local Wal-Mart. The black clad college-aged nihilists at the Anti-G-20 rally in Pittsburgh, September 2009, sensed a political and cultural ponzi scheme. Better to believe nothing, than lies. Their chant of “This is what a police-state looks like” would have sounded ridiculous, except they were outnumbered by security dressed like Darth Vader, beating their shields like a scene from “Braveheart.” Check the RT youtube footage.

What is to be done? To borrow a slogan of the Carlists “Let all who are alive stand up on the battlefield and fight” Not in a literal sense, but in a Kulturkampf. I wish the nihilists would trade in “Adbusters” for the Remnant newspaper. How many are ex-Catholics turned off by World Youth Day trite sentiments, clown masses and other banalities?

Rick Santorum wants to fight Islam in defense of Christendom. What “Christendom” is he talking about? On Malta? Like Prussia, it is gone. It sure isn’t here. In fact, it is a war of secularism vs. Islam. Do Christians have a dog in that fight? Mubarak and friends resisted abortion eugenics for his people. Have I just written a subversive thought crime?

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