Odd Couple; Alex Jones on “The View”

Alex Jones was chilling today with Elizabeth Hasselback and her insipid frenemies. I did not watch the train wreck of Alex and the ladies.
When Alex Jones is wrong, does he ever do a retraction? Alex Jones wrongly claimed that Hosni Mubarak is somewhere in the north of Israel. Maybe Alex didn’t know Sharm El Sheikh is on the Egyptian Sinai Peninsula. The George Soros funded front group “Media Matters” took a shot at Alex Jones debuting in the lamestream media.

Donald Rumsfeld claimed he never heard of Building 7 in NYC. Maybe it is a Bohemian Grove secret that the building “was pulled.”.

Argentine Adrian Sabachi has warned of a Bilderberg hijacking of the people’s revolution in Libya. “Foreign Policy I” is the renamed ” Project For a New American Century” advocating more imperial intervention. Garbage by any other name is still garbage. One would think that the consistently wrong would be more humble. How did a former chief of staff of Dan Quayle named Bill Kristol gain so much influence? Blame Roger Ailes and Rupert Murdoch.

Al Jazeera ran an article called “Keeping up with the Kaddafis.” lol.


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