Two-headed hydra of a hallowed shell

On February 22, 2011 “Archbishop” of Monte Carlo Bernard Barsi reaffirmed the solemn teaching of at least 6 popes, “Freemasonry is condemned” and any Catholic in a masonic lodge is in a state of mortal sin. At the same time, the unevolved Primate (lol) of Lyons, France “Cardinal” Barbarin the Barbarian participated in masonic rites. Anyone holding their breathe for Rat Zinger to sharply respond is going to run out of oxygen.

Barbarin’s actions are further proof of the sedevacantist position. Anyone interested in freemasonry’s war against traditional Catholicism should research Freemasonry’s goal is to turn the once powerful Catholic Church into a hallowed shell by “education” in government schools or co-opted religious schools.

Different Note:
On a different note, Aaron Klein has reported from Tel Aviv that a Hezbollah team of 10 that wanted to blow up the Suez canal had a jailbreak from an Egyptian prison.

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