President Obama is right on Israel

Born-again Protestants and Mormons see Israel as “God’s Chosen People.”
1 Billion Muslims see Israel as a usurper and the greatest evil.
Both are wrong. Dialogue would be aided by seeing Israel as just another one of 171 countries; the Obama approach.

When Ehud Barak abandoned the Maronite Catholic South Lebanon Army in 2000, it was a great mistake. Many SLA were killed or prosecuted for treason with long and hard sentences. The removal of the Maronite Catholic SLA allowed terrorist group Hezbollah to control the border area.

Why are the Shia’ Muslims in Lebanon in the ascendancy? It is due to Maronite Catholics not embracing Catholic teaching on contraception and procreation. Michel Aoun seeking a non-sectarian united Lebanon is a result of demographic reality. There are unconfirmed reports of Blackwater Xe helping the Israeli’s on the Lebanon border.

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Modern Middle East sedevacantism
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