The use of innocent Alfred Dreyfus

” Never let a crisis go to waste. ” – Chicago Mayor Rahm Emmanuel

Captain Alfred Dreyfus had to fight 12 years to prove his innocence. His trial would cast a shadow of over Catholic France for half of a century. The heart of Catholic France were the farming hinterlands of the Vendee’, Brittany, Lille, Lourdes, Avignon and La Salette. The secular masonic regions were Paris, the Red Belt, Lyons, Marseille and Toulouse. The secular areas were de-Christianized in the Revolution of 1792.

The masonic Third Republic wanted government schools to be totally purged of the so-called “superstition of Catholicism.” It was Joan of Arc vs Marieanne. The real politick of the liberal Pope Leo XIII and the masonic Vatican Secretary of State Rampolla pulled the rug out from under the Catholic ultramontane right in France.The Catholic newspaper La Croix made a fateful mistake of attacking Captain Alfred Dreyfus crudely in a vulgar manner. The mistake of La Croix was used to crush the ultramontane cause in the secularization act of 1905.

Perhaps Pope Pius XI was correct to condemn Action Francaise due to its leader being a non-believer. The problem was there was no other organization to fill the void and masonic France arose triumphant over the Catholic France of the rural soil and fishing tradition.

Some French Catholics fell for a vulgar pagan nationalism and DeGaulle brought in divorce, abortion and the masonic faux ethos.


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