Hillary;”Losing the Infowar” to Russia Today

Hillary Clinton is a very smart woman. She is way too smart to receive abortion and eugenics propagandist Margaret Sanger awards and inquire about Argentina’s Christina Fernandez and Bahrain’s crown princes drug use, as Wikileaks showed.

Wisely, RT employs many non-ethnic Russians in their news operation. Today RT featured Alex Jones, who never apologized for getting the “Mubarak in Israel” report wrong.

CNN, MSNBC, and Fox talk to their audience like they are in the first grade. Ron and Rand Paul get widely attacked and they still win. If CIA run Al-Hurra network is this bad, no wonder Al-Jazeera is cleaning their clock.

As a Traditional Catholic, I can understand Natalia Narochnitskaya who is in the Solzhenitsyn tradition. I can not understand German Cardinal Walter Kaspar and Americanist Cardinal Theodore McCarrick seeing the Gospel of St. John the Beloved as “hate speech.” Both minds are products of a pagan national psych-ops thought control structure that is subtle and effective beyond that of the Nazis and Soviets.


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