Syrian government resigns, Aleppo quiet

Borrowing a page from Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak, Bashir al Assad has asked for his entire government to resign. Prime Minister Mohammed Naji Otri handed in his resignation and was asked to oversee a transitional government. Damascus, Aleppo and Homs had massive pro-government demonstrations. Latakia and Daraa has not had any demonstrations, as sharp-shooters have been deployed and Al-Jazerra was denied permission to those locations. The Sunni willingness to challenge the Alawites in their sole stronghold of Latakia is telling. Perhaps the eye-doctor Bashir al Assad has not studied history. Rapid liberalizations in the face of committed unrest caused the unraveling of Czar Nicholas II, King Louis XVI and President Diem of Vietnam.

A Facebook page called Syrian Revolution 2011, which refers to the “Friday of the Martyrs” is drawing attention. It should be remembered that President Bashir of Sudan set up a fake Facebook page to arrest his political opponents. Mark Zuckerberg pulled a Palestinian protest page after requests by the Israeli government and a petition campaign led by Pamela Geller. Syria will not receive the same respite.

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