May 26, 2011 Aref Dalila

During the Cairo uprising, Western intelligence used Western media to promote the name of Mohammed El-Baradai as a potential Western puppet in Egypt. Once it was revealed that he was a full-time Swiss resident and a complete tool of George Soros, the crowd turned on him in Cairo’s Tahir Square and threw rocks at him.

British media and Anglo-American non-governmental agencies (NGOs) are promoting the name of Aref Dalila as an opposition leader in Syria. Dalila was the dean of the school of economics at Damascus University, who served 8 hard years in prison after the “Damascus Spring,” following the death of Hafez-el Assad. Dalila is originally from Latakia, but now lives in Damascus. It is unclear if Dalila is a Sunni or an Alawite. The fact that he was allowed to be educated abroad in the former Soviet Union, makes it highly likely that he is an Alawite. Why the West would promote the name of an Alawite is intriguing. Perhaps it is an attempt to alleviate fears in Latakia of a potential genocide at the hands of the 80% Sunni population. Latakia was also the hometown of Osama Bin Laden’s mother and there are rumors that she was an Alawite, who married a Saudi Sunni.

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