DOJ investigates Monitor Group May 9,2011

1. Harvard Professors though “The Monitor Group, ” doing public relations for Muammar Qaddafi, in spite of the Lockerbie bombing.

2. The Mossad grabbing Abu-Sisi, a father of 6 toddlers, while on a train in the Ukraine.

3. The murder of the Fogel family in the West Bank by American trained and American armed Fatah.

4. The criminal nature of Albanian Kosovo, led by Hashim “the Snake”

5. The yellow government of Serbian leader Boris Tadic, willing to do absolutely anything for the EU and NATO, in spite of Belgrade being bombed 11 years ago.

6. The willingness of Coptic Christians to fight back when attacked by Muslims in Egypt.

7. The sectarian nature of the struggle in Syria.

8. President Saleh of Yemen getting dumped by his own Hamid tribe.

9. Iranian intelligence operating in Bahrain.

10 Bulgaria putting a fence on its border with Turkey.

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Modern Middle East sedevacantism
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