Wikileaks Top 10 of the Day

1. The U.K. thinks Croatia is still close to its Neo-Nazi/Ustashi Tudjman past and doesn’t want them in the EU. The US is pushing against the UK view.

2. The yellow government of Serbia leader Boris Tadic is actually pushing to control Serb inhabited northern Kosovo only, the area is run by Serb gangsters, while the rest is run by Albanian gangsters.

3. Christian Armenia sold weapons to Iran.

4. Azerbaijan is run by a “Corleone” like leader.

5. Slovenia was offered a meeting with President Obama, if they took a Guantanamo detainee.

6. President Saleh of Yemen said he will cover for the US if, they hit Sunni/al Qaeda port area of Aden.

7. The current leader of Pakistan, the late Benazir Bhutto’s husband is corrupt and dirty, but not dangerous. Mushareff is dangerous, but not dirty.

8. Germany is told don’t arrest CIA operatives who did renditions on ghost planes.

9. Spain lied to its own citizens about helping seek justice for Spaniards accidentally killed by US forces in war zones.

10. North Korea helped Burma with its nuclear program.


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