June 3, 2011 The Tribes of Libya

Three days ago, a woman burst into a hotel of Westerners in Tripoli, Libya, detailing how she was raped for two days by fifteen members of Khaddafy’s security forces. Her last name was Obeidi, revealing she was from the Obeidat tribe that controls Tobruk in the rebel held territory on the Egyptian border, where the CIA and Egyptians are smuggling in weapons for the Libyan resistance. Her rape was clearly due to her not being from a pro Khaddafy tribe.

The three main pro-Khaddafy tribes are the Warfallah, who are the largest tribe in Libya, the Gadhalfa, Khaddafy’s native tribe in Sert in Central Libya, and the Fezzan from the Southwest, who are Black. The Fezzan were lynched from lamp posts in Bengazi in the early days of the rebellion.

Bengazi is controlled by the Zawayya-Harabi-Obeidat tribes. The Harabi are a sub-set of the Zawayya and the Obiedat are a sub-set of the Harabi. Virtually all of the Rebel Central Committee in Bengazi are Harabi. France will receive most of the oil contracts from the Harabi and Italy is likely a loser of contracts in Eastern Libya. Bengazi is the hometown of deposed King Idris of Libya. Khaddafy was born in Sirt and went to secondary school in the Fezzan area. His regime made the small, poor tribes better off at the expense of the Harabi, who saw their power dismantled under Khaddafy.

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