Gadhaffi’s Gangster Paradise

Gadhaffi has not been your typical, boring two-bit tyrant. He was the one who originally gave “Calypso Louie” Louis Farrakhan a million dollar loan to start his coconut oil hair product and bean pie business. Farrakhan has shown his loyalty to his old comrade by lecturing Barack Obama saying “Who the hell to do you think you are? ” Black Agenda Report also has not jumped on the “Obama-rama” bandwagon, noticing our new Al-Qaeda friends from Bengazi lynch Black Fezzan tribesmen.

Gadhaffi also sponsored a Black gang “Al Rakim” in the southside of Chicago, Barack Obama’s old congressional district. The gang was supposed to target federal buildings, but they were arrested in the 80’s before getting started. Gadhaffi also brought the IRA (Peter King’s old comrades) to Libya, along with the Basque ETA and the Baader-Meinhoff gang. (Check out on youtube the preview of the German film “The Baader-Meinhoff Complex”, which was nominated for a Best Foreign Film Academy Award a few years ago.)

Gadhaffi is also part owner of the Italian soccer club Juventus and sponsored a movie starring Anthony Quinn called “Lion of the Desert” about Bengazi Islamists getting rid of Italian colonialists. It is a classic shown repeatedly in Europe.

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