April 3, Top 10 Under-reported stories

1. 2,000 Druze in the Golan Heights in Israel protested in support of Bashir al Assad. Their view is the unrest in Syria is a Israeli-American plot.

2. The protests in Deraa’ Syria were motivated by Assad restrictions on the ability to sell land on the Jordanian border. (What the Russians used to call a “Kulak” rebellion.) Queen Noor of Jordan’s father used to work for US intelligence.

3. Western action in Syria is limited by the Russian fleet in Tartus, an old crusader fortress. (Yes, Putin in a “Crusader” fortress.)

4. Cristina de Fernandez Kirchner of Argentina channeled her inner “Der Fuhrer” on April 2, 2011 saying “the Falkland Islands will always be Argentine and we will never cease in our claim” but added they will not “bomb” like London. Hillary Clinton wanted to know what pills she is on, according to Wikileaks.

5 Romanian police found large amounts of cocaine in a boat from Bolivia.

6. A Roman Catholic member of the Police Service Northern Ireland was killed by a car bomb.

7. “IL Sole 24 Ore” of Milano reports the Commander of Darnah, Libya, Commander Hasidi, was interred by the US previously when he was captured in Peshawar, Pakistan.

8. Colombia will not join the South American bandwagon of recognizing Palestine.

9. Israel warns against travel in the Sinai Peninsula, due to terrorism.

10. Putin only met with Netanyahu after being guaranteed the “Sergei Courtyard” in Jerusalem. The closest living relative of Prince Sergei is Prince Philip of the U.K.

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