Under-reported news for April 4

1. Turkish Cypriots march in Nicosia to protest immigration from mainland Turkey overtaken indigenous Turkish population.

2. Prime Minister Erdogan of Turkey with a straight face says Muslims are incapable of committing genocide.

3. Hezbollah wants Colonel Gaddafi dead, due to his murder of a prominent Lebanese Shia’ Muslim cleric, Musa al Sadr, in 1978.

4. Well-known American Socialist Webster Tarpley has reported the Anti-War movement is much stronger in Italy than in the English- speaking world. Most of Libya’s oil contracts are with Italian state owned ENI and that the Bengazi rebels will be doing contracts with French oil company, Total.

5. 40,000 Chinese workers in Algeria make it likely that China would block NATO interference.

6. Radio Free Europe reports Moldova is being strong armed to accept extravagant sexual behavior by the E.U.

7. Bahais are being round-up in Iran due to their religious indifferentism and ties to Haifa, Israel.

8. Yemen continues to be the “Wild West” of the Arab world, while next door neighbor Oman, with its Ibadhi Islam, shows Islam can be a religion of peace.

9. Argentina promises Israel it will continue to investigate the bombing of Jewish sites in Buenos Aires.

10. Wikileaks documents are being released in the Indian newspaper, “The Hindu.”

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