April 4/5 Under-Reported News

1. Moussa Koussa was an MI6 agent.

2. Arab-Jewish peace activist Juliano Mer Khamis killed in Jenin

3. 17 killed in Taez, Yemen by Saleh’s forces.

4. Georgian Airzena crashes in Congo.

5. General in charge of Mynnamar for two decades, resigns.

6. Norway forces Ossetians to return to Russia.

7. Argentina to require a letter from a Falklands War soldier be read by all grade school children.

8. Italian Foreign Minister Frattini says Gadhaffi family must go. Italian Left will not agree.

9. Austrian school/Anti-War Free Democratic Party leader Guido Westerwelle resigns as party leader in Germany.

10. Kurdish PJAK hits Iranian border guards.

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Modern Middle East sedevacantism
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