April 5, Under-reported news

1. Stalinstan (Republic of Georgia) arrested two Israelis for making a 7 million dollar bribe. During the brief Russo-Georgia war, Israelis were a key ally of Georgia.

2. Wikileaks shows the Maronite Catholic military leader Samir Geagea told Western sources that he was ready to take on Hezbollah. Hezbollah is laughing very hard.

3. Russian T-90 tanks can take out German leopard tanks and only cost a quarter of the cost of the German tank. India bought many T-90s to intimidate Pakistan. Canada bought German leopards to protect Ontario from Detroit. (lol)

4. US government sources say the Alawites are having tribal feuds in the Alawite mountains in Syria. Until I see proof, I take it as a disinformation campaign.

5. The killing of a Israeli peace activist yesterday was done by Islamic Jihad, an affiliate of Hamas.

6. Bolivia is suing Chile to have access to a coastline.

7. Turkmenistan is putting political opponents in mental hospitals.

8. Iran arrested 8 PJAK Kurdish revolutionaries.

9. PJAK is not on the State Department list of terrorist organizations, but is on the Treasury Department list of terrorist organizations. I guess that means you can provide them weapons, but not cash.

10 On the Catholic calendar, today is the Saint day of St. Vincent Ferrer, who converted thousands of Jews to Catholicism. After conversion, some mentioned the nasty words about Jesus and the Virgin Mary in the Talmud and Pope Paul IV burned the Talmud. Jews did not run around beheading Dominicans and Franciscans.

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