Syria- Hijab OK, Casino closed

There are unconfirmed reports that Syria will lift its state of emergency law in time for scheduled demonstrations on Friday. Bashar al Assad should have studied history rather than be an eye-doctor. There is no way for his Alawite regime to hold on to power in a free and open Syria. American government sources are claiming that the different Alawite tribes are feuding in the Alawite Mountains. If this is true, they will be toast, unless they bring in Iranians and Hezbollah. I do no find the American official government sources credible. Reading the Congressionally funded Radio Free Europe website information is like being a Kremlinologist during the Andropov years. Connecticut Senator Joseph Lieberman has called for a no-fly zone over Syria. A no fly zone will not fly with the Russians who have a naval base at Tartus. Israeli talk about arming the Syrian Kurds is a joke. Erdogan and Netanyahu hate each other, but Israel still has very strong ties with the Turkish Donmeh generals who hate and fear the Kurds. (Donmeh are Jews who became crypto-Muslims under Sabbatai Zevi in Salonika and Istanbul.) In an effort to appeal to Wahhabi Sunnis, the hijab is legalized and a casino has been closed.


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