Breaking update: Syrian protests in Aleppo

500 students in the northern Syrian city of Aleppo protested for the first time in support of the victims of violence in Deraa and Baniyas according to Radeef Mustafa, President of the Kurdish Committee for Human Rights and reported by AFP. ” The security forces and students have to work together, four students were detained,” according to an activist. There were clashes between security and protesters on Aleppo’s campus of the faculty of literature. Fifty students staged a protest the the School of Law after a two day sit in at the School of Sciences. Aleppo is the second biggest city in Syria and is the traditional home of the Sunni bourgeoisie. Since March 15, there has been a movement of protest against the regime of President Bashir al Assad. The repression of the protests caused the deaths of 30 people in Deraa, 100 km. from Damascus and Baniyas 280 km. north of Damascus.

Thousands of women staged a sit-in on the main highway linking Banias with the Russian naval base city of Tartus. Tanks were deployed by Syrian security forces to seal off the coastal town of Banias. More information on Radeef Mustafa and the Syrian Kurds is available at


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