Xinhua: Troops mutiny in Burkina Faso

Ouattara, the new leader of Ivory Coast, was born in Burkina Faso. His victory in Ivory Coast lead to celebrations in Burkina Faso. Now, Chinese media is reporting that there is gunfire near the Presidential Palace in Burkina Faso and troops are in mutiny.

Ouattara is the perfect tool of the West. He was educated at Temple University and U Penn in Philadelphia, he worked for the I.M.F., he represents the Muslims of northern Ivory Coast near the Burkina Faso border and has a French Jewish wife, being married by Nicholas Sarkosy, when he was mayor of a French city.

Ouattara is the first Muslim leader of Ivory Coast and his supporters killed a thousand supporters of Gbagbo. Ouattara’s I.M.F., Sarkosy and Jewish ties make him the ideal puppet for the West, if he can effectively control his militia from northern Ivory Coast. He will be more of a Kemal Ataturk than an Osama bin Laden.

April 15 is the Catholic Memorial of Our Lady of Sorrows. One of the Seven Sorrows of the Virgin Mary was “The Flight into Egypt.” Egypt has a tradition of hospitality to refugees and foreigners, going back to Old Testament Joseph and Moses.

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