NATO Watch: The “Fogh” of War.

Today is the meeting of foreign ministers of the member states of NATO, lead by by Anders “Fogh” Rasmussen of Denmark. Transparency International in 2010 voted Denmark the least corrupt nation in the world.

Czech Foreign Minister – Family had to flee to Austria at the end of World War II. Yes, his family had to flee to the birthplace of Adolph Hitler after WWII. ( I guess Major Zeman was looking for him, see Major Zeman on youtube)

Hungarian Foreign Minister- Born in Cluj, Romania. Hungarian Jobbik Party and Fascists want to retake Cluj, Romania.

Romanian Foreign Minister- Spending a lot of time on a military shopping spree in the People’s Republic of China.

Spanish Foreign Minister- Former teacher in Israel

Dutch Foreign Minister, Uri Rosenthal, born in Switzerland.

Greek Foreign Minister – born in the nation-state of Cyprus.

Turkish Foreign Minister- A double of John “Bomb Iran” Bolton.

German Foreign Minister Guido Westerwelle- brings boyfriend to social meetings with Angela Merkel.

Most nations are members of NATO out of fear of the Russian bear of Putin and Medvedev. Other than John McCain and Joe Lieberman, there are not many Americans that want to bomb Christ the Savior Cathedral in Moscow, for the likes of Georgia or the Ukraine.

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