Communist Cuba at 50

After 50 years of heading the same direction, what are the successes and failures of the Cuban Revolution going in a Communist Path? Well, the schools in math and science are fairly good and they produce a lot of doctors. Michael Moore’s film made the medical system look better than reality. Its Olympics program has been the best in Latin America.

Everything else, has been a failure. Fifty years ago, two years after the Cuban Revolution, the “Hermanos Castro” announced a Communist path. Resorts where only Westerners can go is a disgrace to a society that claims to be classless. When the Berlin Wall fell, the Honecker family went to Chile, not Cuba for a reason. (If the industrious Germans could not make Communism work, who can?) Raul Castro had a friendship with GDR Stasi spy chief Marcus Wolfe and developed the nickname “The Prussian” for always being on time and not getting drunk.

As bad as Cuba is, a takeover by the emigre’ community in Miami may be worse. Cuba should be left in the hands of those who actually live there.

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