Anti-Iran Iranians killed by Iraqi Maliki

34 Anti-Iranian Government Iranians living in Iraq at Camp Ashraf were killed in a pre-dawn raid ordered by Iraqi President Maliki on April 8, 2011. Last year a who’s who of the American Republican Neo-Con movement attended a conference in Paris in support of Iranian exile Maryam Rajavi and Camp Ashraf. After the massacre of 34 Anti-Iranian government Iranians in Iraq, a number of well known former Clintonistas spoke in favor of Muhajadeen e Khalq at a conference in Paris on April 13, 2011. Speakers included former FBI Director Louis Freeh, retired General Hugh Shelton and former Congressman Patrick Kennedy. Congressman Patrick Kennedy called on Iraqi Prime Minister Maliki to be charged with war crimes by the International Criminal Court at the Hague and called Maliki a tool of the mullahs in Iran. Former Bush Homeland Security Director Tom Ridge spoke in favor of Muhajadeen e Khalq and Camp Ashraf at a conference in Berlin.

The great mystery is where does Hilary Clinton really stand? Clinton front Media Matters supports keeping Muhajadeen e Khalq on the State Department terrorist list, but the above mentioned Clintonistas are supporting the Camp Ashraf Muhajadeen e Khalq and Maryam Rajavi at some personal risk.


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One Response to Anti-Iran Iranians killed by Iraqi Maliki

  1. UNF says:

    “at some personal risk” ~ LOL, surely you jest?

    1. These Warshington apparatchiks cashed a fat ‘speaking-fee’ for parroting whatever text Rajavi’s mob pays them to hypocritically mime into the camera.

    2. As MEK is an obedient [though broken] tool employed against ‘official enemy’ Iran, this circus freak-show you mentioned was also completely safe in ideological terms.

    3. Perhaps you have yet to understand the difference between good and bad terrorism? The first is the type ‘we’ Pentagovernment mindslaves orchestrate against others, the latter when they respond in kind.

    4. Where Cabrona Clinton stands is hardly in doubt ~ this in equal parts psychotic, ruthless and politically pliable hatchet-woman is ever-ready to front whatever retrograde scheme pops into the generals’ empty heads.

    Sincerely, etc., UNF

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