Habeas Corpus dead in United Kingdom

Under the European Arrest Warrant system, judges are forbidden to inquire if there is prime facie evidence to extradite and imprison someone. British citizen Jason McGoldrick was sent to Hungary and had nothing to eat but rancid pork fat, 3 times a day for months. Hungary is one of the least corrupt of the former Warsaw Pact nations, conditions would be worse in other East European countries. Under Hungarian law, he could have been held 4 years awaiting trial. He may have been guilty of fraud in running a cheesey time-sharing business that went bankrupt, but no evidence is allowed under the European Arrest Warrant system. He was released thanks to the intervention of the Earl of Dartmouth of the UKIP.

Lord Monckton has called for the Hungarian Foreign Minister, who was born in Cluj, Romania, be thrown in Old Bailey for overseeing a Soviet like judicial system that violates the principles of Habeas Corpus, enshrined in the Magna Carta of 1215, Anno Domini. Hungarian European M.P. Krisztina Morvai has spoken often about the violation of human rights by the police and judiciary of Hungary. Morvai’s party opposed the new Hungarian constitution with signs saying ” I am not a traitor.” See http://www.morvaikrisztina.hu and click the British flag for English.

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