Canadian dollar at all time high vs. US

Nomi Prin’s book “It Takes a Pillage” is a play on of Hilary Clinton’s book “It Takes a Village.” Nomi and Dr. Webster Tarpley has spoken often about how the big 6 banks of the U.S. privatize capitalist profits and socialize risk and losses. Dr. Tarpley has focused on how taxing derivatives would solve the problem of the nation’s debts. The sum total of money in derivatives surpasses the nation’s Gross National Product. Ms. Prins has spoken on how $1 billion dollars in lobbying by the financial sector has bought Congress, with the notable exceptions of Congressman Ron Paul of Texas and Senator Bernie Sanders of Vermont.

The Canadian loonie is at an all time high against the dollar, as reported yesterday in the National Post of Toronto. Alex Jones today reported on a little known fact: Janet Napolitano’s Department of Homeland Security really calls the shots in the back rooms of Canadian airports, at the expense of Canadian sovereignty. The Canadian government’s policy of biometric scanning all new prospective immigrants may be adapted in the United States.

Canada has an app to end apple tracking.


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