Tanks blitzkrieg Deraa, Syria

April 25, 2011 St. Mark’s Day

1. Ezra and Deraa, Syria, 25 dead, border shut.

2. The two Syrian Members of Parliament that represent Darra/Deraa have agreed to resign in protest of killings. Being on the Jordanian border Derra has been the Achilles Heel for the Assads. Queen Noor’s father was an American citizen that worked for American military intelligence. Alawite Mansour al Ali was arrested in Homs.

3. Today is the Memorial of the Armenian Genocide of 1.5 million by the Donmeh Young Turks of Turkey. They need to worry about cultural genocide with the Kardashians.

4. Lord Monckton continues his quest for the Scottish Parliament. The U.K.I.P. drive against un-kosher pork fat only meals helped British citizen Jason McGoldrick in a Hungarian prison, who was denied the right to know what evidence, if any, existed against him.

5. Sacred Heart Catholic Church in Baghdad, Iraq is bombed on Easter.

6. Syrian-Jordanian border shut.

7. April 25- St. Mark’s Day – St. Mark established the Christian Church in Alexandria, Egypt and wrote the first Gospel. St Mark’s head was given to the Coptic Church in Alexandria by “Pope” or Anti- Pope Paul VI in the 1970s.

8. The head of the Church of Cyprus issued a statement calling the Resurrection of Christ the greatest event in human history.

9. Good detainees at Guantanamo get McDonald’s Happy Meals

10. Londonistan is the heart of the Jihadist movement with free speech.


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