May Day- Qaddafi fires at Zintan, Tunisia

A mosque was shelled in Daraa’ and several were killed. Bashir’s brother Maher Assad faces sanctions from the United States for leading the surge.

Libya promises to shell any boats reaching Misrata to help the Misurata tribe.

C-130 and a Harrier touched down Larnaka/Larnaca airport in Cyprus and are scheduled to go to Asia, it is claimed.

The Leninist AKEL/ AKE^ Government of Cyprus will not allow participation in the bombing of Libya. May Day marches occurred.

The youngest son of Muammar Al Qaddafi was killed by a NATO bombing.
He resembled Russell Simmons. The whole Qaddafi family tree pictures are available at RIA- NOVOSTI online. He was born in 1982. Three of Qaddafi’s grandchildren were also killed.

Qaddafi fired at rebel held Zintan, Tunisia.

Archbishop of Valencia, Spain Agustin-Garcia died before “circus” in Rome.

May Day/Low Sunday/Antipascha

Alithos Anesti!

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