8 tanks enter Tafas, Syria, near Daraa’

UN Secretary General Ban Ki Moon urged Turkish and Greek Cypriots to bridge differences. Properties and security remain primary issues. Ban Ki Moon urged both sides to look at issues in depth, with a win-win approach for both sides. Ban Ki Moon called on Turkish Prime Minister Erdogan to encourage the Turkish Cypriots. The Greek Foreign Minister will be in Istanbul to discuss issues tomorrow. The Cypriot President spoke at a park dedicated to those missing from the 1974 Turkish invasion to encourage a viable solution in accordance with UN resolutions and reunification.

Cypriot elections occur on May 22. The AKEL/AKE^ party leader addressed the Greek Cypriot diaspora supporters in London.

Egyptian leader Tantawi called a cabinet meeting. The Egyptian Justice Minister introduced anti-terrorism rules designed to protect religious liberty and punish vandalism to religious property. 500 Salafist Muslims came to the St. Mina Coptic Church in west Cairo. Tear gas was fired to separate the Salafist Muslims and Coptic Orthodox Christians. The Church of the Virgin Mary nearby was burned. There was a rumor that a Coptic girl that converted to Islam was being held against her will in St. Mina Church.

Rebels confessed and turned themselves into Libyan leader Khadaffy, according to Libyan state television. Four oil storage facilities were damaged in Misrata by government loyalist forces. Loyalist forces fired near Zintan, Tunisia.

Tafas and Daraa Syria were shut down by tanks. 600 people have died since violence began in Syria. Tafas is a town of 30,000 people

Greece says it will not reintroduce the Drachma and will stay with the Euro. Xristos Anesti!

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