The Bust-up Pakistan Imperial Game

Dr. Webster G. Tarpley has discussed the four major ethnic groups in Pakistan. The Punjabi, Sindh, Pashtun and Baluch. The Punjabis dominate the military and the Sindhs dominate the government. The Baluchs look at prosperous India and want out and threaten to murder the infidel Chinese at their naval base at Gwadar. The Pashtuns dominate neighboring Afghanistan under the narco-terrorist Karzai brothers. The Amercian game is to use the Pastuns as patsies according to Dr. Tarpley to bust up Pakistan into smaller pieces to push out the Chinese and their pipelines and naval base. The Chinese have made it known they will not tolerate western imperialist games in Pakistan.

Pakistan has nuclear weapons and this is a dangerous game. Dr. Tarpley says India should not let itself be the tail of the American kite.


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