Strauss- Kahn & Marine Le Pen

The arrest of DSK at JFK leaves Marine Le Pen with no one who can beat her. Dominique Strauss Kahn was arrested by the New York Port Authority Police for the attempted rape of a maid at JFK in New York. He was staying at a $3,000 a night room at the Sofitel in Mid-Town Manhatten. He was the likely Socialist Party candidate for President of France. So bankrupting nations like Greece, and $3,000 a night rooms is Socialist, as is assaulting the working class? He is a globalist, one world government type.

Perhaps this will also help Nicholas Sarkosy go from third place, to second place in French Presidential Polling. Was DSK set up to help the Americanist tool Sarkosy? Ron Paul criticized DSK on a Sunday morning talk show saying ” Is this the kind of person we want running things?” DSK had previously violated his marital commitment with Hungarian economist Piroska Nagy.

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