May 17 – Bonhoeffer by Eric Mataxas.

Bonhoeffer was the Prussian Lutheran pastor, who opposed Adolph Hitler from Day 1. The style of Yale graduate Eric Metaxas is surprisingly non-verbose, perhaps his target audience is a middle-brow Fox viewer.

My favorite part of the book is when Bonhoeffer discovers the lack of serious scholarship at Union Theological Seminary in New York, and comments to understand American scholarship, one must have spent time in a hostel.

Bonhoeffer visits pre-Spanish Civil War Barcelona, where the German expatriates are solely interested in making money and all the Catalan intellectuals are viciously anti-clerical. Metaxas wants to paint Bonhoeffer as a theological conservative, but this is false. Perhaps compared to the Manhatten Episcopal Church Metaxas attends, he would seem theologically conservative.

My favorite line of Metaxas is when he calls Martin Luther the “Don Rickles of Wittenberg.” when he examines Luther’s insults against the Jews and everybody else under the sun. Metaxas was involved in the production of Veggie Tales, and it shows. Ouch. The Don Rickles of Wittenberg would appreciate that line.

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