Pinocchio Page : Radio Free Europe online

1. Mocks Putin for the Lada with nada. A Russian Lada dared not to start. A flyover of Tartus, Syria or South Ossetia would start something.

2. Half of Serbs support Radko Mladic. Put on your surprise face. Why nothing on the early 60’s vintage Serbia Eurovision entry, with a female Hungarian.

3. Moldavia is unfriendly to mosques and gay pride parades. Wow, sounds like 1986 America.

4. Mayor of Moscow to build 200 Russian Orthodox Churches, bans gay pride march. RFE disappointed.

“The big paper and magazines of the US are the most ignorant and gullible, as well as the most cowardly and controlled press, printed in any country of the world.” – Philip Francis “The Poison in America’s Cup” p.31 quoted in the prefatory letter of Dr. Denis Fahey of the Holy Ghost Fathers. (Search Father Fahey prefatory letter online)


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