Obama – Israel 1967 borders

Obama is pushing 1967 borders. Problem A- Sunni Hamas will not renounce violence and Fatah is full of liars. Christian Zionism is idiotic. Israel is strong enough to take care of itself and can, if it gives up its addiction to 30 billion dollars in American aid. Without US aid, the boxing gloves can come off.

Ehud Barak is an idiot. He backstabbed the Catholic South Lebanon Army in 2000 and wasn’t ready for Palestinians coming over the Syrian border. What a maroon. Has he read about the Arab Spring? Bugsy Nethanyahu has to get a real Defence Minister.

Jews have a good Mel Brooks sense of humor. Latma online did a satire of Nazi Nakba day in Germany. It wouldn’t fly with the self haters in West Hollywood.

The Copts of Alexandria are vulnerable. They should settle en mass in Sinai and accept the Council of Chalcedon. ” Let them have the buildings, we have the faith.” St. Athanasius of Alexandria, Egypt.


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