June 13, 2011 Alan Cameron Last Pagans of Rome

Late Antiquity is not my speciality, so this is one of the most difficult books I have read in a long time. Cameron is a great mind, the type that is being produced with greater rarity. I am sure he would label me a fanatic for believing the narratives of St. Catherine of Alexandria.

Cameron is not hostile to Christianity in the manner of a Gibbon, his approach is one of objective balance. One of my favorite quotes is of St. Gregory of Nanzianzus, in which he says of the pagans ‘Have the Christians ever inflicted on your people anything similar to what you have so often inflicted upon us?” The Copts of Egypt could utter that today, as could the Greeks of Cyprus.

Cameron brings in his opinions on abortion, Jerry Falwell, and Wicca, which seem out of place with the rest of the serious scholarship.Cameron doubts that St. Ambrose of Milan could have scolded Emperor Theodosius, but Pope Gregory XII scolded Holy Roman Emperor Henry IV.

“Let them have the buildings, we have the faith.” St. Athanasius of Alexandria, Egypt.

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