Obama at AIPAC

President Barack Obama should win a profile in courage award in Massachusetts. After coming out in favor of the 1967 Israel-Palestine borders, with agreed upon swaps, he goes to speak at AIPAC. The problem is the need for the defensive high ground of the Golan Heights, and the question of who would control East Jerusalem. Israel Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu points out Hamas will never accept the right of Israel to exist.

Christian Zionism is tiresome and cost the US 30 billion in foreign aid. Israel would be stronger independent of US aid and meddling. Who supports the Maronites, Copts and Syrian Christians?

Bad move; Obama quoted the Talmud rather than the Torah. The Talmud mocks Christ and his Mother.

CNN turns to Jane Harmon for commentary, in spite of her being caught on audio tape willing to intercede on behalf of an Israeli spy. She is now President of the Woodrow Wilson Center.

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