Tblisi, Georgia recognizes Circassian genocide

On May 21, 1864, the Russo-Circassian War ended with the fierce blue-eyed Muslim Circassians being booted from Sochi into Turkey. Some now protect King Abdullah II of Jordan against any more Palestinian, Black September type attacks. The Georgian government of Tblisi recognizes the Russian Orthodox victory against the blue-eyed Circassian Muslims in 1864 as a genocide. Today, the government of Georgia hates Russia because of the Russo-Georgian War of 08/08/08. In 1864, you can bet the Georgian Orthodox, educated at Russian Orthodox seminaries, supported the Russians against the Sunni Muslim Circassians.

Georgians are wonderful people, but if their government thinks NATO will protect them from the Russian bear, they need to stop hallucinating.

Tblisi at the movies; Georgia has sponsored a movie about 08/08/08 called 5 Days of War starring Andy Garcia as the Georgian President.

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