August US release of 5 Days of War Republic of Georgia

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The Republic of Georgia is making a movie about the South Ossetian War of 08/08/08. The war began when Georgia killed Russian troops in South Ossetia. The American public was told (lied to) the war began with an unprovoked Russian attack on Georgia. The promotional line for the movie is “The first casualty of war is the truth.” How ironic.

The movie is being made by the director of Die Hard 2 from Finland. The Finns hate the Russians. It stars Cuban born Andy Garcia as the President of Georgia. South Florida Cubans hate Russians as well for supporting the Castro brothers. The film is called “Five Days of War ” and will have a limited release in the United States on June 5.

Russia isn’t perfect and the leader of Georgia is a hustler. He advertises for his nation in The Economist and had close advisors to John McCain. He was pro-Israeli and Pro American. When he felt disrespected by President Barack Obama, he sold arms to Iran.


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