Family Radio “World to end October 21, 2011”

Harold Camping is 89 years old. He needs to give up the Hunt for Dead October and worry about his own particular judgment, at the moment of death. He denies Hell, he denies sacred tradition.

Death can come to anyone in a blink of an eye, think of the people affected by the Joplin, Missouri tornado. Sadly more people know about Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz, than they know about St. Dorothy of Caesarea in Asia Minor, now Turkey. More people know about Miss Elizabeth than they know about St. Elizabeth of Hungary.

The Catholic Church was consistent until 1958, then everything changed. The third secret of Fatima warned of a castigation. Following the NewChurch of the last fifty years is folly. Souls must return to the unchanging truths of the past. Our Lady of La Salette warned in 1846 “Rome will lose the faith and become the seat of the Anti-Christ.” The clear and concise pre-1958 beliefs and practices must be followed.

See. Dr. Thomas A.Droleskey’s May 24th article on Harold Camping at Mr Camping, Christ is not Chaos.


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