Netanyahu cheered, applauded, stood for 56 times

American Jews are 2% of the population, 10% of Democratic voters and perhaps 50% of Democratic political contributions. (50% according to PJB) The majority of low church American evangelicals are solid Christian Zionists, with more love for Israeli atheists, than Palestinian Christians. John Hagee and his followers are less intelligent than Harold Camping. Netanyahu is likable to Americans, he went to high school in the Philadelphia suburbs, not Israel or Indonesia. Netanyahu was able to school Obama, because the Congress will always be staunchly pro-Israel. American media is more pro-Israel than Israeli media.

The 56 count was according to Pamela Geller. Could the leader of the Maronite Catholics in Lebanon, get this kind of reception? No. Can Saudi money and the votes of Dearbornistan compete with this? No. Netanyahu has a point. Fatah are liars and Hamas will never recognize Israel. House Democrats will back Israel, against Obama, if needed. No other country has this level of influence in American politics.

Dr. Denis Fahey prefatory letter online; American media is the worst in the world.

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