Boris Tadic is a capitalist tool, Ratko Mladic taken

Boris Tadic was dictated by the EU to have a gay pride parade. He clicked his heels and had a gay pride parade in Belgrade, with more police as security than marchers. He is told to grab Radko Mladic, he clicks his high heels and does it. Tadic is delusional, he believes that by being a slave to the EU, Serbia will be admitted to the EU. He is dead wrong and the EU is a prison for free speech. Croatia, Turkey and Georgia can not even get in the EU, even with their NATO cooperation. Mladic fought Islamists, Iranians and Saudi Wahhabist backed groups, prior to 9-11. Der Spiegel loves being able to point to non-Germans as villains.

The Serbian Orthodox Church is neutralized by being part of the religious indifferentist WCC. Serbia needs an election and Nicolic as soon as possible.

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One Response to Boris Tadic is a capitalist tool, Ratko Mladic taken

  1. Josef Svejk says:

    Just wondering how come Croatia was not asked to hand over their war criminals? I find it somehow hard to believe that the Serbs were the only wrongdoers in all of the Yugoslav Wars. There were also war crimes in the fights between the Croats and Bosnian Muslims…..and as sure as there were whole Croatian villages displaced by the Serb advance there were also Serb villages in north-western Croatia displaced by the Croat advance.
    As I see it nether of the two waring nations were “saints”.

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