Dutch De Telegraaf, 2 Syrian cops dead May 29

Mladic and the Serbs made the baby blue UN helmut Dutch peacekeepers look impotent when they blitzed the Muslims at Sbrernica. Women and children were not targeted, but many Bosnian Muslim male fighters were killed, in what the Hague has labeled a genocide. It lead to American intervention and Muslim victory over the Serbian Orthodox Christians, prior to 9-11. The Serbs surrendered after American and Luftwaffe bombing of Belgrade, that hit the Chinese Embassy, bridges, and the former Yugo factory.Dutch De Telegraaf celebrated the grabbing of Ratko Mladic.

It was the first defeat of the Serbs since the Serbo-Bulgarian War of 1885. During WWII, Stalin mocked Tito for not fighting as well as the Bulgarians.

“I would rather discuss theology with a Bulgarian peasant than an American convert to the Orthodox Church with a Phd.” Dr. Thomas Fleming

2 Syrian cops were killed in the Damascus area and buried in the Alawites stronghold of Latakia.

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