Texas Lt. Gov. David Dewhurst blocks anti-groping TSA bill

Ex-CIA spook David Dewhurst blocked Dan Patrick’s bill re-affirming the 4th amendment against unreasonable searches and seizures and TSA groping. Dewhurst is considered the wealthiest man in Texas politics and is considering a run for Kay Bailey Hutchinson’s seat, as she is not seeking re-election.

The Texas governor is one of the weakest executive positions in the Union. During Reconstruction, after the American Civil War, the Texas Lt. Governor position was invested with a great deal of power. Perhaps Calvinist Presbyterian Dewhurst will listen to Calvinist Texan Doug Phillips of San Antonio based Vision Forum, but it is unlikely. Alex Jones of Austin supported State Senator Dan Patrick’ effort. Bilderberg attendee Governor Rick Perry did not have to dirty himself on the issue. On May 29, on Fox News Sunday, Neo-con Bill Kristol, the “wrong-way Corrigan” of American politics, promoted Governor Rick Perry as a presidential candidate. MySanAntonio.com exposed Dewhurst’s role in killing the bill

The largest abortion facility in the nation is located in Houston,Texas and targets African Americans and Hispanics.

More than 100 views of nilewatch on May 29th, 2011 in 24 hour cycle, by 8PM EST.

Danica Patrick finished in the top 10 of the Indy 500.


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